Why we have membership plans

Some software is a one-time purchase, others are subscription-based. Repper is the latter, for many good reasons:

Constantly improving product

We want to make this app and service ever better. With your support, we can keep building and get them into your hands quickly. Unlike one-time purchase, there is no need to sit around and wait for the next big (paid) upgrade.

One account, many devices, all synced

You can access Repper from any computer or tablet with a modern internet browser. Our servers automatically sync your projects between devices, creating a seamless workflow. Repper is not just a tool—it's a home for your patterns.

One version, more momentum

Because members always get the latest version, we save the time usually needed to support old versions. We can instead invest squarely in improvements that benefit everyone.

We focus on existing customers

A steady stream of income will allow us to focus less on the next sale and more on making the product better for our existing customers.

Don't pay for unused software

One-time purchase software has a bigger upfront cost, so it's a bummer if it turns out you don't need it anymore after a while. With membership, you pay per month or year, and can cancel any time.

Support unique software

We are a small company working on a niche product. If you're reading this, you are probably a pattern geek like us. We know how few good pattern-making tools are out there—that's why we created Repper in the first place!

Portrait of Susie Royal
"I have purchased software on a one-time payment in the past, only the find the seller disappearing after a few months. Or they don't update it and then bring out a supposedly new version for which they expect me to pay the whole amount again. This leaves a bad taste.

I have other subscription software and think it's a good thing. You know the company will keep going to get the revenue to re-invest and continuously improve the product."
Susie Royal
Pattern designer
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