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Turn any image into a pattern collection

Find out how easy it is to create patterns that go well together.

Portrait of Nic Squirrell
A fabulous way to make tiling patterns from artwork you already have.
Portrait of Nic Squirrell
Nic Squirrell
Surface pattern designer

Works with every visual style

Our pattern-making technique works with any aesthetic — you bring the style, we bring the geometry.

View your patterns in 3D

Bring your patterns to life on photo-realistic products. Handy while designing and great as showcase material.

Portrait of Debbie Lyn Jones
I spent 2 days looking at pattern-making apps.
Yours is the best I've seen.
Portrait of Debbie Lyn Jones
Debbie Lyn Jones
Creative maker

Works with bitmap & vector

Do you prefer painterly brushes or clean strokes?
Either way, we’ve got you covered.


Simple or complex — both easy to do

With the same ease, you'll create simple repeats or intricately detailed motifs.

Customer showcase

Combining and layering patterns

Liana Nigri uses Repper to turn her artwork into fashion motifs. She then skillfully combines artwork and pattern into gorgeous outfits for fashion label Oh Boy.

Portrait of Liana Nigri
"Repper is super helpful to create different patterns within the same family of style."
Liana Nigri
Fashion designer

Endless possibilities

We're probably preaching to the choir here, but geometric patterns make any surface look great!

Portrait of Veronica Galbraith
I love creating different layouts in seconds. Perfect for jump-starting those days when your muse has gone on holiday!
Portrait of Veronica Galbraith
Veronica Galbraith
Surface pattern designer

A powerful pattern-making tool

Live preview

Get instant feedback while you design, in 2D or 3D.

Pixel-perfect precision

Have fun designing while we handle the repetitive work.

More than 30 tilings

A diverse range of geometric templates with endless possibilities.

Access from anywhere

Runs in the browser from any computer or tablet — no installation required.

Auto backup

Keeps your patterns safely stored, in case you ever lose an export.

Free upgrades

Membership gives you instant access to the latest features.

Hi there 👋

We created this design tool for you to explore the world of geometric patterns and make gorgeous things.

We're a small self-funded company. Support from our members makes it possible for us to keep developing new exciting features.

— Wouter & Alexander

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