Join our affiliate program

Do you have a website or mailing list with an audience who are into patterns, or are you a Repper fan and want to help spread the word?

Then read on: this program is for you!

Become an affiliate
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How it works

Simply sign up and use the affiliate link in your communication. For each customer attributed to your link, you can get a commission between 10% and 50%.

There are no costs associated with joining or being part of our affiliate program.

Your commission

You get a 10% commission on the first sale and up to four next billing periods.

In other words, you can earn your commision up to five times for a single customer's membership, depending on how long they stay with us. The billing period is either a year or a month; most Repper customers choose yearly.

The percentage is applied to our net revenue, see this Paddle help page for more information on how it's calculated.

Signing up

  1. Sign up to our affiliate program with Paddle (free signup, no membership cost)
  2. Log into your newly created Paddle account
  3. Go to "Affiliates" in the left menu
  4. Click on "Links" in the top menu
  5. Click on "Get affiliate link" button

Use this affiliate link in any communication to your audience. All the tracking and payment will be handled by Paddle (they are our payment provider and handle the affiliate program).

Become an affiliate

The nitty-gritty details

Tracking and attribution

Leads are tracked using anonymous cookies, meaning they don't require opt-in and thus track nearly all users. A sale is attributed to you when the user purchases a Repper membership in any browser they also opened your affiliate link in. The attribution window is 30 days (or 7 days on Safari due to browser restrictions).

Communicating about Repper

You can write about Repper in nearly any way you choose. After all, you know your audience best! There are a few basic rules we ask you to keep to:

  • Represent Repper accurately and fairly. For example, do not claim things it cannot do.
  • Do not claim to be the maker of Repper, Studio Ludens (the company behind Repper) or being someone working at, with, or for Repper.
  • Do not claim we endorse you or your message (unless we explicitly did so).
  • If people are not interested in Repper, stop contacting them about it.


If you have any questions or ideas about the product or communication, contact us.

If you have questions or issues with the affiliate system itself, contact Paddle.

All information we provide on our affiliate program and Paddle's affiliate system is for information purposes only. Please check the Paddle website for the most up-to-date information on their affiliate system.

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