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The story behind Repper

Studio Ludens

We make software that sparks creativity. Over the years, we have built many design tools—sometimes whimsical, sometimes technical, but always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’ve worked with companies like Droog Design and Philips to create tools for people to design their own furniture and control light in space.

A brief history of Repper

There once was a designer who tried to make patterns, but no matter what graphical software she tried, it was a tedious process and she didn’t like the results all that much. Her boyfriend noticed her struggle and decided to tinker up a solution. A few days later, Repper was born.

First version of Repper

The pattern tool was a lot of fun to use, so together with his business companion Alexander he released the app online. It was 2008 and this early version of Repper had only a fraction of the functionality it has today. Still it hit a nerve: thousands of people started making patterns and were asking for more features.

Second version of Repper

In 2009, they released Repper as a desktop app, which became a go-to pattern tool for hobbyists and professionals alike, and has been since. The app remained largely unchanged for decade, as Wouter and Alexander went their separate professional ways.

Repper desktop app

In 2018, they decided to regroup, rebuild the app from the ground up and make it a pattern makers paradise. The release this September 2019 was just the start. Updates for next month are already lined up and many more features in development. This time, the app is based on membership, ensuring ongoing development for its active users.

Repper Online screenshot
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